Directed by Harry CLEVEN (Duplicity, Why Get Married the Day the Wolrd Ends?)






Devastated with grief after the mysterious disappearance of her magician lover, Louise is sent to a psychiatric asylum. Nine months later, she gives birth to Angel, a baby boy with an incredible gift: he is invisible.

To protect him from the cruelty of the outside world, his mother hides his existence. Angel grows up quite normally until he meets Madeleine, a blind little girl of his age who lives nearby. They quickly fall in love and become inseparable, Madeleine still unaware of Angel’s invisibility. Until one day Madeleine announces something that will turn their lives upside down: she will recover her sight.


2016 /// France / Belgium /// French /// Fantasy-Romance /// 79′


CAST  Elina LOWENSOHN (Declaration of War, A Very Long Engagement, Schindler’s List), Fleur GEFFRIER, Hannah BOUDRU, Maya DORY

SCREENPLAY  Thomas GUNZIG (The Brand New Testament)

D.O.P.  Juliette VAN DORMAEL

PRODUCERS  Jaco VAN DORMAEL - Terra Incognita Films / Olivier RAUSIN / Daniel MARQUET