Girls of the Sun


Directed by Eva HUSSON (Bang Gang)






Inspired by true events.
2014, Bahar (Farahani), a young lawyer, visits her family in a small town of Kurdistan. In a bloody attack led by extremists, her husband is killed and she’s taken prisoner with her son and thousands of other women and children.
A few months after her escape, she’s now the commander of the “Girls of the Sun”, a female battalion. The objective: to take back the town where she was captured and bring back her hostage son. By her side, Mathilde (Delpy), a veteran war reporter, follows the daily life of the “Girls of the Sun” during the 3 days of the offensive. United by their quest for hope and justice, Bahar shares with Mathilde the succession of events that brought them here together.
Out of this unimaginable situation, a universal sisterhood is born: the bond between the “Girls of the Sun” is a new hope for humanity.

This film is a unique tribute to these women.


2017 /// France /// English – French – Kurdish /// Drama /// In Pre-Production


CAST Golshifteh FARAHANI (Paterson, The Patience Stone, About Elly) / Julie DELPY (Before Sunrise trilogy, 2 Days in Paris)

PRODUCERS Maneki Films – Didar Domehri (La Cordillera, Paulina, Bang Gang)

FRENCH DISTRIBUTOR Wild Bunch Distribution