The Long Excuse


Directed by NISHIKAWA Miwa (Sway, Dreams for Sale, Dear Doctor)


TORONTO 2016 – Special Presentations

ROME 2016 – Competition




Sachio, a popular novelist, loses his wife of many years in a bus accident, along with her best friend. He is with another woman when he hears the news and with any affection long gone from their marriage, he has to fake the grief everyone expects from him.
Under pressure to channel emotions he does not feel into his writing , he meets Yoichi, the truly devastated husband of his wife’s friend, left with 2 young children. Without really knowing why, Sachio offers to look after them while their father is at work.
Growing attached to this new found family, he finally begins to feel his loss and the void left by a wife he thought he didn’t care for. In his journey to understanding, he will find his love for her again.


2016 /// Japan /// Japanese /// Drama /// 


CAST  MOTOKI Masahiro (Departures), TAKEHARA Pistol (Green Mind, Metal Bats)