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Andrés Baiz



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Status: Completed

Director(s): Andrés Baiz

Bogota, Colombia. A house built just after WWII lies nested in the mountains on one of the highest capitals in the world. A striking observant mirror in the main bedroom hides an engineering masterpiece: a small room disconnected from the world. The house was just rented by young cosmopolitan Spanish couple Adrian & Belen. Her suspicions of infidelity will drive her to test his love for her. A small decision that will inadvertently unlock a voyage into the deepest meaning of possession and the mechanisms of jealousy.


Quim Gutiérrez, Martina García, Clara Lago
Category Movie: Psychological Thriller

Production company: Dynamo, Cactus Flower, Avalon P.C., Bunker Producciones
Production Date: 2011
Date of First Release: 09/16/2011
French Distributor: Haut et Court
Country of Origin: Spain, Colombia
Language: Spanish
Duration: 100minutes