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Céline Devaux

Everybody Loves Jeanne


Screening room

Status: Completed

Director(s): Céline Devaux

World Premiere: Cannes 2022 - International Critics' Week | Seville European Film Festival - Extraordinary Stories Official Competition

At 37 years old, Jeanne (Blanche Gardin) is really determined to change the world. She brilliantly developed a self-powered sea cleaning machine. But during the ceremonial launch, broadcasted live, Jeanne jumps in the water to « save » her huge invention from sinking into the sea. After this widely-televised fiasco, all her investors pull out and she is about to go bankrupt. Up to her ears in debt, she has no other choice but to pay back what she owes and reluctantly agrees with her brother to sell the family apartment in Lisbon. 

But while she’s torn with this decision and struggling to regain a semblance of self-confidence, she is constantly flanked by «Little Ghost» a tiny hairy creature who comments her every move. Little Ghost is an individualistic, funny, playful little monster, who dances, sings and doesn’t hesitate to whisper obscenities into Jeanne’s ear. Little Ghost is actually her witty inner voice that she can’t ever shake off!

On her way to Lisbon, she meets Jean (Laurent Lafitte), a classmate from high school who becomes very clingy. But again, Little Ghost is never far away...


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© 2021 - Les films du Worso - O Som e a Furia - France 3 Cinéma - Scope Pictures


Blanche Gardin, Laurent Lafitte, Maxence Tual, Nuno Lopez


Director(s): Céline Devaux
Original Music: Flavien BERGER
Category Movie: Comedy

Production company: Les Films du Worso, O Som e a Furia
Production Date: 2022
Date of First Release: 09/07/2022
French Distributor: Diaphana Distribution
Country of Origin: France, Portugal
Language: French, Portuguese, Portugal
Duration: 100minutes
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