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Jerzy Skolimowski

Four Nights with Anna


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Status: Completed

Director(s): Jerzy Skolimowski

Cannes International Film Festival 2008 - Director's Fortnight

A small, provincial town on the outskirts of Poland. Leon, 40, is a stoker at the hospital crematory. In the past, he witnessed - or perhaps committed - a brutal rape upon Anna, now 30 and working as a nurse at the same hospital. They live near one another as well, her - in a hostel for workers next to the hospital, him - in a dilapidated cottage a few meters away. He often spies on her in the streets by day and peeps at her window by night. But he wants more. One night he sneaks into her room through the window and spends the night sitting by her bed, looking at her in the moonlight. It soon becomes an obsession. He breaks into her room more and more often. And, step by step, he begins to influence her life - sews in a missing button, mends her clock, replaces spoiled food in her fridge, etc. When he begins to mix powdered sleeping pills with her sugar, it is clear that Leon is about to lose control. Will he rape her? We know he used to be a prisoner and he can often remind scenes of trial and incarceration. Anna begins to notice strange things happening around her, but she thinks it’s all in her head. One day, Leon is arrested when sneaking into Anna’s through the window. A new court session begins, when Leon proves his deep feelings for Anna. Perhaps it is true love after all.


Kinga Preis, Artur Steranko


Director(s): Jerzy Skolimowski
Screenplay: Ewa Piaskowska, Jerzy Skolimowski
Category Movie: Drama, Romance

Production company: Alfama Films, Skopia Film
Production Date: 2008
Date of First Release: 05/15/2008
French Distributor: Les Films du Losange
Country of Origin: Poland, France
Language: Polish
Duration: 87minutes