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Stéphanie Murat



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Status: Completed

Director(s): Stéphanie Murat

Max is an urban romantic comedy, the story of a little girl who never got to know her mum and who lives together with her childish father Toni, who loves her above everything. His goal is to spoil Max no matter what it takes but without using too much effort. Everyday he tells her how great life is despite their marginality, and he almost gets to believe it. Max does the same by plunging him permanently into the eternal world of childhood.
Everything changes the day Max meets hooker Rose and she decides to make a special christmas gift to her father... and herself: a woman for Christmas eve. So that “she can take care of him” because “he needs it”. By doing so the little girl also gets a feminine presence around that she badly needs in their harsh environment. For the first time in her life Rose feels that she means something to somebody. She needs this little girl and her love.
Toni sees the arrival of this woman in their lives as an intruder at first but he slowly realizes that it makes his daughter feel good and he starts having feelings for her too.
Will these characters, broken and deceived by life, be able to start a new life with one another?


Director(s): Stéphanie Murat
Screenplay: Stéphanie Murat, Vincent Cappello
Category Movie: Comedy, Drama

Production company: Bethsabée Mucho, Ardimages
Production Date: 2013
Date of First Release: 01/23/2013
French Distributor: Warner Bros.
Country of Origin: France
Language: French
Duration: 100minutes
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