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Alexey German Jr.

Paper Soldier


Screening room

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Status: Completed

Director(s): Alexey German Jr.

Venice International Film Festival 2008 - Competition

Amid the historical events connected with the preparation of the first man to fly into outer space, a personal human tragedy of the main character unravels. This character is Daniel Pokrovksy, a doctor working with the first group of Soviet cosmonauts. Caught in the center of a conflict between honor and conscience, between two women who love him, between spiritual integrity and scientific duty, the man makes his choice – a choice that could cost him not only his personal happiness and professional respect, but also his life.


Director(s): Alexey German Jr.
Screenplay: Alexey German Jr.
Category Movie: Drama

Production company: Phenomen Films
Production Date: 2008
Date of First Release: 09/01/2008
Country of Origin: Russian Federation
Language: Russian
Duration: 118minutes