Road of the dead - Arena

Road of the Dead

George A. Romero

Screening room

Status: Pre-Production

Director(s): Matt BIRMAN

In a near post-apocalyptic time, the last survivors of humanity have fled to an island, cut off from a world now consumed by zombies.

A despotic General keeps this new society entertained and docile by staging drag races with zombies prisoners! Two Zombies, two cars, a cheering crowd and one human bait at the finish line who can walk away with 1000$ if he stays alive...

Competing against the General’s race team, a genetic scientist uses the racing as cover for his work in finding an antidote allowing humans and zombies to live together. But the General has other plans: to unleash the zombies on the island, creating a world of chaos and terror, allowing him to keep a grip on his power.

Let the race begin!


Director(s): Matt BIRMAN
Screenplay: George A. ROMERO, Matt BIRMAN
Set Design: Arvinder GREWAL
Costume Supervisors: Alex KAVANAGH, Greg NICOTERO
Category Movie: Zombie, Horror

Production company: JoBro Productions & Film Finance, EMAfilms
Production Date: 2018
Date of First Release: 09/01/2019
Country of Origin: Canada
Language: English