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Rachid Bouchareb

Road to Istanbul


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Status: Completed

Director(s): Rachid Bouchareb

Berlin International Film Festival 2016 - Panorama

When the police inform her that Elodie, her only daughter, 20, has left to join the Islamic State somewhere between Syria and Iraq, Elisabeth’s life is thrown into turmoil. She is in shock and cannot understand this decision because the war does not concern them.
Elisabeth manages to contact her daughter but fi nds herself at a loss faced with this young woman whom she no longer recognizes. Alone in her struggle, she decides to set off for Syria to look for her daughter and to convince her to return to Belgium with her.
Will mother and daughter be able to reunite and understand each other?


Director(s): Rachid Bouchareb
Screenplay: Rachid Bouchareb, Olivier Lorelle, Yasmina Khadra, Zoé Galleron
Category Movie: Drama

Production company: 3B Productions
Production Date: 2016
Date of First Release: 02/02/2016
Country of Origin: France, Belgium, Algeria
Language: Arabic, English, French
Duration: 98minutes
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