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Pablo Berger

Robot Dreams


Screening room

Status: Pre-Production

Director(s): Pablo Berger

Robot Dreams is a charming story about a dog and a robot which demonstrates the power and fragility of relationships. After a trip to the beach leaves his robot friend rusted and immobilized in the sand, the dog must return alone to the life they shared. 

As seasons pass, the dog tries to fill the emotional void left by this loss with a series of doomed friendships — while the only relief the robot can find is in dreams.

Will Dog and Robot ever meet again?

Category Movie: Animation

Production company: ARCADIA MOTION PICTURES, NOODLES PRODUCTION, Les Films du Worso, Elle Driver
Production Date: 2023
Date of First Release: 01/01/2024
French Distributor: Wild Bunch Distribution
Country of Origin: Spain, France
Language: French