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Women are Heroes


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Status: Completed

Director(s): JR

Cannes International Film Festival 2010 - Critic's Week

The film Women Are Heroes transports you to Africa, Asia and South America. French artist JR takes you to places you may fantasize or hear about on television when some dramatic event occurs, but which are far from the usual touristic spots. Working undercover, he transforms streets, buildings, shantytowns, favelas and entire villages into art galleries, forcing viewers to see art that they might not otherwise encounter. His motive for taking us so far afield is to raise some fundamental issues. They are generous women who own nothing, but are willing to share, women who have painful pasts and want to build bright futures. Searching for what is common in their gaze, we come closer to what is universal: the human factor. As a contemporary artist who grew up with Internet and digital images, JR experiments different cinematographic techniques and creates his own way to tell stories.


Producers: Agathe Sofer
Director(s): JR
Screenplay: JR, Emile Abinal
Category Movie: Documentary

Production company: 27.11 Production
Production Date: 2010
Date of First Release: 05/19/2010
French Distributor: Rezo Films
Country of Origin: France
Language: English, French, Hindi, Portuguese, Brazil, Thai
Duration: 85minutes
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