Diary of a Chambermaid


Directed by Benoit JACQUOT (3 Hearts, Farewell My Queen)


BERLIN 2015 – Competition




Early 20th century, in the French provinces. Much courted for her beauty, Célestine is a young chambermaid who has just arrived from Paris in the service of the Lanlaire household. Fending off her master’s advances, Célestine must also deal with the very strict Madame Lanlaire who lords over the house with an iron fist. Among the domestics is Joseph, the enigmatic gardener, who exerts total fascination over her.


2014 /// FRANCE-BELGIUM /// French /// DRAMA /// 95′



CAST  Léa SEYDOUX, Vincent LINDON  ///   SCREENPLAY  Hélène ZIMMER, Benoit JACQUOT /// DIRECTOR OF PHOTOGRAPHY  Romain WINDING (Farewell My Queen, Looking for Hortense, Superchondriac)   ///   SET DESIGN  Katia WYSZKOP (Farewell My Queen, 3 Hearts, Potiche, Saint Laurent)   ///  COSTUMES  Anaïs ROMAND (House of Tolerance, Sentimental Destinies, Saint Laurent) ///  MUSIC Bruno COULAIS (Farewell My Queen, 3 Hearts, Coraline, The Chorists, Amazonia, Oceans) /// PRODUCERS  Les Films du Lendemain / Kristina LARSEN (Lady Chatterley, House of Tolerance, Farewell My Queen, Mystery) , JPG Films / Jean-Pierre GUÉRIN (Mammuth, Farewell My Queen)  ///   Co-PRODUCERS Les Films du Fleuve / Delphine THOMSON, Luc and Jean-Pierre DARDENNE (Two days, One night, Beyond the Hills, The Angels’ Share, Rust and Bone) ///   FRENCH DISTRIBUTOR  Mars Distribution