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Guillaume NICLOUX

Lockdown Tower


Screening room

Status: Production

Director(s): Guillaume NICLOUX

The inhabitants of a tower block wake up one morning to find a black veil shrouding all the windows and doors of the building - a black veil which devours anything and anyone who tries to go through it…

Stuck inside together, families organize themselves but time passes and nothing changes. They gradually return to their most primitive instincts and now respond to a single watchword : survival. 

«Lockdown Tower» is a film without any moral or justification, without any faith or law. A film attesting the undisputable truth: man is his own worst nightmare.


Director(s): Guillaume NICLOUX
Directors of Photography: Christophe OFFENSTEIN
Category Movie: Fantasy, Horror

Production company: Les Films du Worso, Unité de Production
Production Date: 2022
Date of First Release: 12/31/2022
French Distributor: Wild Bunch Distribution
Country of Origin: France
Language: French